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Welcome to the Emerging Communities Responsible Gambling Program

The Emerging Communities Responsible Gambling Program (ECRGP) is a project funded by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and is designed to develop sustainable, community-driven, culturally and linguistically appropriate resouces to encourage our many communities to seriously think about the harm which gambling can do to their lives..

ECRGP aims to extend gambling prevention and awareness initiatives to support all adult members of eight African and Burmese background emerging communities across the Melbourne metropolitan area. We aim to encourage an awareness and acknowledgement of the enticements of the various forms of gambling and encourage the adoption of prevention and and support strategies within a responsible, non-threatening, non-stigmatising way that aligns culturally with each community's approach to providing education and support.

HACN would like to express its appreciation to the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation who made the funds and professional support available to address these problems in our communities in respectful, culturally responsive and empowering ways.

These videos, in MP4 format - best viewed with the Chrome Web Browser - were launched in June 2018. Produced by HACN as an educational resource kit developed in five community languages, the videos depict possible scenarios from a Responsible Gambling perspective. We hope that will be helpful to those who are seeking assistance either for themselves, their family and friends or community members. Translations into Amharic, Somali, Dinka, Karen and Chin aim to increase these communities’ access to information in their own language. HACN extensively worked with community elders from Sudan, Ethiopia, Burma and Somalia who identified what gambling means to them and their respective communities and assisted in developing this resource kit. What gambling means for them and their messages are listed below:

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