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Welcome to Emerging Communities Responsible Gambling Program

The following links are provided for you to increase your understanding of how poker machines work and how they can interact with the human brain and emotions.

These websites have valuable information about the effects of gambling:

You might like to read through this checklist from the RunLastMan Website of possible "symptoms" of a gambling problem.
If you find that at least four of these can be applied to yourself, perhaps it's time to seek professional help.

Preoccupation: Do you find that you are becoming preoccupied with past gambling successes?

Tolerance: Do you find that you need to increase the amount of money you gamble to achieve the same enjoyment and excitement?

Unable to stop: Have you recently tried to stop gambling but were unsuccessful?

Irritability: Do you become moody or impatient when you are cutting down how much you gamble?

Escape from reality: Do you ever use gambling a way of ignoring stress in your in life or even pick you up when you feel down?

Chase losses: Do you ever try to win back the money you lost by increasing the size or frequency of your wagers?

Conceal involvement:Do you ever hide how much or how often you gamble from significant others?

Unsociable behaviour: Have you ever committed fraud or theft to get money to gamble with?

Ruin a relationship/opportunity: Has gambling ever ruined a personal relationship or an occupational or educational opportunity?

Bail-out: Have you ever needed others to relieve a financial problem created by gambling?

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